• Age : 15 years old
  • Nationality : Germany
  • Program duration :
    Two Semesters
About me

I am a kind-hearted and hard working person, I spend my time playing violin, reading and volunteering at the YMCA, however my greatest passion is playing handball which I practice a few times a week. One day I hope to become a doctor and I am hopeful that this experience will help me prove I can do anything I set my mind to.

My hobbies

Violin, theatre, discussing current events, reading, travel, youth club, cooking, visiting museums, fitness, hockey, surfing, volleyball, cycling, swimming, handball

Favourite subjects

"My favourites are Enlgish, biology and chemistry, a subject I like less is geography" 

Why Australia?

"To learn about it but also to get to know it’s culture, the people and to make great memories."

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